An Explosive Celebration!Bobotiku Popotiku's Nameday!

On Sunday, April 25th at 8 pm eastern | 7 pm central | 5 pm pacific, everyone in the company got together to celebrate the first nameday of the year, Bobo’s! The leaders of the company had made it a goal to celebrate everyone’s character’s special day this year, and things went off to an AMAZING start! How old is Bobo now? We’re pretty sure he’s not old enough to be called “Grandpappy Popotiku” just yet! Or is he?

The night was met with drinks, food, songs and dance, the largest cake, some slight jesting, and lots of laughter and fun. New friends were made, bonds were strengthened, and luck with the dice was tested.

The event was hosted at the gem within Shirogane, Third Eye Sushi: Sushi and Ramen Bar. The wonderful staff (L’naya, Nan’to, and the exceptional performer Tetsuro) created not just a top-notched atmosphere, but the food, drinks, service, performance, everything was of a professional level that I can safely say well exceeded all expectations!

The screenshots in this post were provided by their amazing team, so thank you all at the Third Eye Sushi!

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