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I Shawl Overcome


Participants need to make 2 outfits.
  • Touring outfit.
  • Working outfit (Security, gift shop, receptionist, etc).
Participants must have their submissions sent to Asa by 11:50 pm central May 23rd. Submissions can be sent to Asa via discord by:
  • List of items (including dye colors).
  • Screenshots of outfits.
  • Links to items via sites.


Outfit hast to be something that can be obtained through crafting or farming dungeons. Head, body, hands, legs, and feet are the only thing required. Main hand and jewelry are not required, but are worth extra points.


Asa and 2 guest judges will rate each submission based on:
  • Creativity. The imagination of the designer manifested in the pieces chosen for the contest, fitting the type of business and roles.
  • Resourcefulness. Ease of obtaining/crafting.
  • Originality. While there are trends, the more original the look to make it stand out, the better!
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