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This is the first step in the progression process for Project 14, joining here on the site. Those in the role of Temp Assistant are individuals who are interested in Project 14 and what those within the company wish to accomplish. While Project 14 may not be for everyone, this role allows individuals to test to see if they would be interested in investing their time into our free company. There are limitations to protect both the free company and the individual during the trial period. The leadership of Project 14 also has a No Obligation mentality. Even after the trial period, no matter how long after, if any member feels that the free company isn’t right for them, they may leave without any negative leadership backlash. While the leadership team has a staunch belief in communication is key to any issue, sometimes something is not a fit. And that is perfectly understandable and fine! Please review the information provided for additional information on the role and the progression.

Temp Assistant Role Information
Temp Assistant Role Progression