A Comfortable Convening of Company!The First PXIV Lock-in!

On Sunday, October 24th at 7 pm eastern | 6 pm central | 4 pm pacific, everyone who could attend got together to celebrate the first company lock-in as well as the namedays (and belated nameday) of Arkah, Geranjo, K’ta, and Yomei! 

It began with everyone meeting in the yard of the estate.  Though invitations were sent out, ground rules were set, for the safety of everyone present!  Enchantments were used on the estate doors, to only allow those with invitations to enter, yet, none could leave.

The night was met with team building games, drinks, food, spooky stories, and lots of laughter and fun. Bonds were tested and strengthened, and a very scary yet epic zombie battle between Arkah and Geranjo took place, while Yomei and Eleanor put their heads together to defeat a malicious AI keeping the keys to freedom locked away!

Thanks to all who were able to attend!