Saints and Sinners—The Twelve: Masked Costume Event.


Thursday, February 3rd at 6pm central


Do you know The Twelve? Sometimes called, The Saints? Are they benevolent beings, or harbingers of strife? This event is to bring light to a bit of Eorzean history of said saints by asking each to find a saint that inspires you, and dressing in a costume inspired by said saint!

The lower level of the estate has been transformed into a casino, while the upper level displays interpretations of six of the twelve saints. You are welcome to feast and drink, which is provided on the main floor (sandwiches made by our very own Bella Bones).


  • Free Company Members Only
  • Ready to RP attitude.
  • Masks and costumes are a must (can be monocles, glasses, and other face wear).


  • 60-Day Game Time Card for all who attend.
  • Prizes:

    • Various amounts of Gil from Casino games.
    • Chances at picking out prizes from the Prize Pool (IC: Warehouse).