It’s December, the holiday season is here! And here are the latest updates!

Welcome to our newest member!

Though it’s been a few weeks now, and the welcomes and greetings in chat have been said, still, it should be announced! Welcome to our newest member, a pretty awesome person joining a group of pretty awesome people, Bella Bones (aka Bones)!


  • Treasure Maps won’t be run until after the new year. New survey coming out last week of December to help schedule.
  • FC events and large-scale roleplay postponed until queues calm down.
    • Use tags and such to let others know you want to RP.
    • RP together too (even if Izha and I aren’t present).
  • Change to FC Buff schedule.
    • Only Heat of Battle II/III and will be used for 5 days of the week, with one day reserved for Helping Hand II/III and Earth and Water II/III respectively.
    • Every day will have Reduced Rates II/III active.
  • Share what your character has been up to as of late with this writing prompt, and post it in the provided thread.

Treasure Map

Due to the insane queues after the launch of Endwalker, the bi-weekly Treasure Map runs will be postponed until after the new year. With the additions of new faces, changes of schedules, and such (RL always comes first), a survey will be posted to help determine the best day to conduct map runs. The survey will be from Monday, December 27th until Friday, December 31st. If you are interested in joining the map runs, please vote. Depending on participation, there can be up to 2 map runs that week to try to provide as much availability as possible. Thank you!


Upon every person joining, it was stated that PXIV is a roleplay focused FC, accepting of all levels of RP comforts and skills. However, there has admittedly been a lull in that aspect of the FC as of late. And now, with the queues being hectic, large scale organized RP events will be put on hold. This includes the seasonal FC party that was planned for this month. If things calm down in January, the holiday event will happen sometime that month. For the time being, when I am available for RP, I will put on the RP status. You can see if I have it on by looking at the “Members” tab of the FC in game. I’ll also put it in my name in discord. By no means does that mean anyone is forced to interact with me! I understand many are trying to get through EW and other content. If anyone else wants to adopt this practice in one form or the other, feel free. It will help let others know who is wanting/ready to engage. But it is not mandatory. Please don’t hesitate to RP with each other as well!

FC Buffs

Until patch 6.1 (assumed to be later in the first quarter of 2022), the FC buffs that will be activated are:

Heat of Battle II on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday;
Earth and Water II on Tuesday;
Helping Hand II on Thursday;
Reduced Rates II will be every day.
Heat of Battle II – Increases EXP earned through battle by 10%.
Reduced Rates II – Reduces teleportation fees by 30%
Helping Hand II – Increases EXP earned through crafting by 10%.
Earth and Water II – Increases EXP earned through gathering by 10%
Will be looking into crafting grade III of these buffs in the company workshop.


Due to the large gap from the last large-scale roleplay event, and to try to help some get back into the swing of things with their character, I’d like to ask those who are willing to participate to do some writing! If your character isn’t one to journal, maybe have them record their adventures in a recording device? A specific thread has been made under the #📍rp-prompts channel. If your character is involved in EW related content RP wise, please mark your post as a spoiler! If you want to write something but not share publicly, you can just send it to those you want to. So, a few example questions that one could answer:
  • Who is your character?
    • Some may have undergone “changes” and may or may not be the person everyone remembers?
  • What have they been up to since the last time they were at the company estate?
  • Where are they now?