On Tuesday, October 13th, shortly after 6 AM Eastern / 5 AM Central / 3 AM Pacific, the leadership team of Project 14, acquired….

A new... Airship?Tree?HOUSE!!! I mean yes we have a new tree, but the answer is house!

We’ve moved from a small cottage in The Goblet, to a medium house in Shirogane!

Why the move?

One of the goals for Project 14’s leaders was to have space where it fits the free company’s RP theme, and, would provide ample room for the members to not only RP in but utilize. Originally, the goal was to save up to get a mansion, as it provides the most amount of space and item allotment. However, the plot our leaders scouted, was just too good to pass up.

So why this plot?

If you haven’t been there, please visit! It is under construction at the moment, but the address is Plot 38, 24th Ward, Shirogane. Once you arrive, you will have a better understanding. To the right of the house (facing the house), is a path that leads to a lovely open beach! The path to the left of the house leads to another open beach, but, tucked away to the right of the path, is a secluded and lovely hot spring!

BOTH RIGHT ALONG OUR PROPERTY! That alone the team couldn’t pass up! The house is undergoing renovations, but the goal is to have it ready for public access soon!